Bodor Laser

BODORLASER INC. was established in April 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. It’s the first subsidiary of Bodor Laser in the United States, which is committed to providing North America customers in manufacturing with highly efficient and reliable cutting solutions.

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Change Human Life with Laser Technology

Bodor develops better laser technology applications for better cutting and puts much importance on innovation.  Bodor has achieved full coverage of products in the power range from 1000W to 40000W.

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Reliable Choice for Lower Costs with Easy Operation

High-Speed Cutting

1.5G of acceleration and lightweight and strong structure design substantially ensure efficiency and value creation per second.


Lowers the initial investment and operation costs for laser cutting, making it an economical choice for businesses.

Easy Operation

Intuitive controls and smart features simplify laser cutting operation and maintenance, making it accessible and efficient for all skill levels.