HYUNDAI WIA Machine America Corpo

From small-footprint vertical and horizontal machining centers, Hyundai WIA machining centers deliver. The company produces a high-quality lineup of more than 100 different CNC machines to the manufacturing market in the Americas.

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Multitasking Machine Tools

Multitasking machine tools that have significantly contributed to Hyundai Motors being widely recognized in the Americas as a leading auto manufacturer.

Hyundai WIA Machine Corp.

CNC Turning Centers

The CNC Lathe Series is boasting the world’s highest speed and productivity.

High-Speed Horizontal Machining

High-Speed horizontal machining Center is equipped with built-in type spindle, showing high speed, performance and efficiency.

Vertical Machining Centers

Designed with advanced technology, Hyundai WIA’s Tapping Center shows high performance in speed, rigidity and precision

5-Axis Machining Centers

5-Axis Vertical Machining Center for high-quality mold machining with stable structure and highly precise spindle.

Vertical Turning Centers

Vertical Turning Center, designed with advanced technology, shows excellent performance in rigidity and precision.

Machine Tools Are the Core of the Precision Machinery Industry

Hyundai WIA’s advanced machining systems and cutting edge automobile assembly lines are some of the best in the world.

Designed with advanced technology, Line Center Series with high speed and precision maximizes productivity

Hyundai WIA’s Assembly Lines are designed and constructed to the customer’s specification, and deliver a user-friendly system.

Hyundai WIA’s Robot & Fixture systems provide a total solution for your body automation needs including optimal process design, fixture construction, body assembly and robot welding.

The revolutionary smart factory solution consists of Smart Monitoring System for integrated management of HYUNDAI WIA machines around the world, and the Smart Machining System with ease, quality control, productivity and safety of the operator in mind.

High-performing Turning Center, designed with advanced technology, shows great performance in rigidity and precision