Starrag is a global technology leader in manufacturing high-precision machine tools for milling, turning, boring and grinding workpieces of metallic, composite and ceramic materials.

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High-Precision Machine Tools for Greater Productivity

Starrag Group is the leading manufacturer of highly productive, durable complete solutions for precise cutting applications.

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Horizontal Machining Centers

Heckert H Series, Heckert X Series, Heckert T Series, Bumotec, Heckert Large Athletic Series and More

Vertical Machining Centers

Bumotec S191 Series, Bumotec S100mono Series, SIP 5000 Series

Vertical Turning Lathes

Berthiez TVU Series, Dorries Contumat VCE Series, Dorries Contumat VC Series, Dorries Contumat VC-V Series

High-Precision Machine Tools