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Enshu machine tool equipment are an unstoppable production force in your shop. These machines are easy to operate, save space and deliver great performance.

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Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers

Headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan, Enshu has been providing world-class technology for well over 90 years with a global presence throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Learn more about Enshu products.


Our four models of GE Series Horizontal Machining Centers offer full stroke accuracy and repeatability through superior design and thermal stability. Every component of these machines are engineered to ensure year after year of reliable operation.


Enshu provides a 30-taper and 40-taper model with the EV Series of vertical machining centers. With flexibility to handle different sized jobs within various industries, the Enshu line of VMCs keeps you competitive.

Enshu recognize that the correct sequence of operations, proper fixturing, optimum programming and the latest technology in cutting tools all play an important role in precision and efficiency of part production.

Enshu USA customizes machines to match the exact specifications for your needs. After integrating them with any other necessary equipment, Enshu provides a system capable of matching your production level outputs over the life of the product.

From lean lines to agile systems to dedicated transfer lines, Enshu delivers the optimum capital outlay to match the demand.